Sunday, 5 May 2013

A warm welcome!

It all started with me trying to organise my zillions of recipes from magazines, copies, written down bits of scrap paper. But my collection soon started to become bigger and bigger and the initial plan to create a hard copy of all the recipes in one book had to be scrapped. I am still collecting interesting recipes but I started to take my own photos of the food I prepared. I am always starting off with a recipe, but I think I never ever have followed a cooking recipe to the last word. I am always adding something, leaving something out or do it differently. Which I then put down into my computerised cookbook.
I was always interested in cooking and I think it is the most important thing to have a nice meal together.
I must admit that I come from a family with good cooks, and it is natural to do your own cooking. Although I must admit, my mum never ‘taught’ me how to cook. From a very early age, I was taking part in the process of preparing food and just watched the meals being prepared, or doing minor jobs, like peeling potatoes. I always liked to watch someone preparing food – might have something to do with the fact that my mum used to have me with her in the kitchen from the days I still sat in a high chair. And of course my first excursions in the kitchen with my little cookie cutters and a portion of Mama's Christmas biscuit dough.
I have a huge weakness when it comes to cookbooks and cooking magazines. I am always telling myself that my shelves are stuffed with wonderful books already but then there it is...something new...something different. Everywhere I go, I get at least a magazine if not a cookbook. In my collections are German, English, Norwegian, French, American, Canadian and Spanish books. I even have a Chinese DVD-cookbook, which is hard going, as it is not possible to distinguish all the white powders they are mixing together, but we were helped by a Chinese colleague at university. He translated the ingredients' list for me. 

And now is a good times to say thanks to all my critics so far. They all have been very kind and encouraging.
So in my blog I am going to show what I achieved in my kitchen.
Let's get cooking!!

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